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About Us

Mission and History

UWC NYC is a non-profit organization formed and run by UWC alumni with the purpose of providing a social and professional network to the United World Colleges alumni in the Greater New York area through the development and organization of social and educational activities, advancing United World Colleges values, as well as offering support to the United World Colleges and UWC International, their students, alumni and any individuals that share the United World Colleges values.


UWC NYC was formally founded by UWC alumni after UWC Day 2013 and established as the official United World Colleges alumni chapter in the Greater New York area.  Since then we have organized various events and initiatives to bring together and strengthen the local UWC community, and that further the UWC mission. We believe that we can achieve more as an organized network than we can individually and that our UWC mission continues long after we have graduated.

UWC NYC is now a UWCx initiative, which means it has been recognised by UWC as furthering the UWC mission of making education a force for peace and a sustainable future. To find out more about UWC and UWCx, see here.


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About UWC

UWC schools, colleges and programmes deliver a challenging and transformative educational experience to a diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

UWC was founded in 1962 with the vision of bringing together young people whose experience was of the political conflict of the cold war era, offering an educational experience based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding so that the students would act as champions of peace. We remain committed to this goal today but have expanded our reach to embrace the tensions and conflicts that exist within as well as between societies.


UWC has 15 schools and colleges educating students aged between 2 and 19. The education at UWC schools and colleges is underpinned by shared guiding principles. UWC short programmes offer a condensed UWC experience and take UWC’s mission and values to a wider audience. UWC schools, college and programmes all have distinctive characters but share the same commitment to UWC’s mission and values and educational model.

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