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The UWC NYC board is a revolving group of alumni who like hanging out with other UWCers and organizing events that foster community and the UWC Spirit.

If you're interested in joining the board, or if you have a good idea you want our help with, we meet once a month to organize events (usually over zoom these days), so email us at and we'll invite you to join our next meeting!

Board of Directors


Kevin Jackson


Despite his Anglo name, Kevin Jackson was born and raised in Venezuela (not Minnesota), and graduated from UWC-USA in ’06 and from Dartmouth College in ’10. He’s an avid lover of people, fun and strong communities. Since 2011 he’s been leading UWC New York with the goal of creating a true, formalized, long-lasting inter-generational community of UWCers. He works as a Director of Solutions Engineering for, but much more importantly is his role as Adrian's "cool" dad

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Burcu Sagiroglu

UWC Adriatic ‘13

Burcu grew up in a small town in Turkey and went to UWC Adriatic. After doing her BA in government at Colby College and her MPP at University of Maryland-College Park, she moved to NYC to work for a sexual assault policy NGO. Outside of work hours, she bikes around the city, volunteers for reproductive rights and sustainable transportation, and works on lowering her carbon footprint. She is the UWC NYC Treasurer and is eager to connect with UWC’ers -- on and offline! 

JesseR - Headshot.jpg

Jesse Rosen

Originally from New Mexico, Jesse graduated from UWCSEA in 2016. He followed his UWC experience with a gap year in which he worked at a free medical clinic in Timor-Leste, a pediatric HIV hospital in Eswatini, and a lab at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. After receiving a BA in Chemistry at Emory University, he began working in biotech, but also continues to pursue startups aimed at increasing social connectivity. Outside of work, Jesse makes chainmail art. 


Kerem Sarikaya

UWC Dilijan '17

Kerem is from Istanbul, Turkey and graduated from UWC Dilijan in ’17 and from Middlebury College in ’21. He moved to New York to work as a research assistant at a neuroscience lab at Columbia University. Kerem is excited to explore the culture and history around the city and he is looking forward to meeting UWCers across generations at the next UWC gathering.

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Anika Wistar-Jones

UWC Adriatic '07

Anika grew up in Vermont, and, after graduating from UWC Adriatic in 2007, returned to Vermont to attend Middlebury College. Finished with formal education, Anika dove into the environmental movement, doing grassroots environmental and political organizing in New England, and now working at a nonprofit providing solar for affordable housing in NYC. When she is not organizing events for UWC-NYC or tearing her hair out about politics, Anika enjoys fostering kittens from the local animal shelter, hiking, and dancing tango, blues, and swing. 

Special Thanks


Special thanks to the following people who have played a major role in helping out UWC NYC and contributing to the success of our events and initiatives over the years: 

Claire Bruten

Meera Gandhi

Emilie Gruchow

Irfan Hasan

Beata Jostmeier

Niraj Kumar

Robin LeBaron

Philip Nikolov


Ryan Poynter

Priscilla Rattazzi Whittle

Beatrice Sibblies

Giorgio Topa

Bela Walker

Melanie Weston

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