Board Directors

Anika Wistar-Jones

UWC Adriatic '07

Anika grew up in Vermont, and, after graduating from UWC Adriatic in 2007, returned to Vermont to attend Middlebury College. Finished with formal education, Anika dove into the environmental movement, doing grassroots environmental and political organizing in New England, and currently working at a solar nonprofit providing solar for affordable housing in NYC. When she is not organizing events for UWC-NYC or tearing her hair out about politics, Anika enjoys fostering kittens from the local animal shelter, hiking, and dancing swing, blues, tango, and contra. 

Caroline Laroche

Pearson UWC '07

Caroline is from Quebec and graduated from Pearson College UWC in 2007. She earned her B.A. at Jacobs University and her MPA at the London School of Economics, and now works as a consultant in international development. Before relocating to NYC, Caroline lived in Canada, Germany, the UK and Hong Kong. Caroline is the UWC NY Board Treasurer and focuses her efforts on organizing community service and outdoor recreation opportunities for alumni.

Cheryl Lau

Li Po Chun UWC '12

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cheryl graduated from Li Po Chun UWC in 2012. She went on to study International Political Economy at Georgetown University and now works in New York as a management consultant. She's passionate about economics and social issues. In her free time, she likes aerial arts, live music and thought-provoking nonfiction. Cheryl is delighted to have connected with so many UWCers as the Board COO.  

Daniel Pulido-Mendez

Atlantic College '07

Daniel was born in Colombia and went to UWC Atlantic College. After AC he went to Middlebury College in the green mountain state and did a double major of political science and economics. He went on to work in logistics for three years, a job that gave him the opportunity to travel most of the north-eastern part of the US. He moved to New York City to do his master degree in economics at NYU. Now he is working as a macroeconomist.  Daniel is the director of outdoor activities of the UWC NYC Board.

Kevin Jackson


Despite his Anglo name, Kevin Jackson was born and raised in Venezuela (not Minnesota), and graduated from UWC-USA in ’06 and from Dartmouth College in ’10. He’s an avid lover of people, fun and strong communities. Since 2011 he’s been leading UWC New York with the goal of creating a true, formalized, long-lasting inter-generational community of UWCers. He works as an Analytics Manager for Accenture (Big Data. Machine Learning. Predictive Models!).

Po Wah Moon

Atlantic College '11

Originally from Hong Kong, Po graduated from UWC AC in 2011. She went on to get her B.S.E from Princeton University, and has been working at a solar installation company in New Jersey since graduation. She enjoys doing Flywheel in the city and listening to Audible while she is on MTA subway. Po is responsible for communication and event planning at UWC NYC. She looks forward to seeing many of you at the UWC events!

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Special Thanks


Special thanks to the following people who have played a major role in helping out UWC NYC and contributing to the success of our events and initiatives over the years: 

Claire Bruten

Meera Gandhi

Emilie Gruchow

Irfan Hasan

Beata Jostmeier

Niraj Kumar

Robin LeBaron

Philip Nikolov


Ryan Poynter

Priscilla Rattazzi Whittle

Beatrice Sibblies

Giorgio Topa

Bela Walker

Melanie Weston