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UWC NYC is a non-profit organization formed and run by UWC alumni with the purpose of providing a social and professional network to the United World Colleges alumni in the Greater New York area through the development and organization of social and educational activities, advancing United World Colleges values, as well as offering support to the United World Colleges and UWC International, their students, alumni and any individuals that share the United World Colleges values.

Promoting international and intercultural understanding

since 1962

UWC NY Board photo - from Broadstone.jpeg
Meet Our Board Directors


The UWC NYC Board Directors are UWC alumni dedicated to serving the interests of the broader UWC community in New York.

If you're interested in joining the board, or if you have a good idea you want our help with, we meet once a month to organize events, email us at[at] and we'll invite you to join our next meeting!

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